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"I am so happy to be on your mailing list. The issue on 'How to Make Peace with Your Mother' in particular has touched me deeply, as you may remember. Thank you!!"


"I'm really enjoying all the weekly information in your newsletters."


"I love reading your newsletter while taking my bath!"


"Just to let you know, I LOVE what you are doing with the newsletter these days. I read very word and sometimes pass it along to appropriate people. Let's just say you are creating very interesting conversations! I so wish I could attend your singing evenings (but don't live in Denver). It sounds like you (and everyone else!) have so much fun! Thank you ALWAYS for your wonderful advice and counsel!"


"I love getting your newsletters and I for one read it all. Your last one made me realize I was taking my husband for granted, and he's been so sweet to me. I decided to give him more hugs and kisses and he's now feeling appreciated again."


"After getting your newsletter and reading about Mistake # 4: Thinking You Are Always Right, I got very uncomfortable as I realized how self-righteous I've been in every area of my life. But it was great because now I'm trying to change it!!"


"What you said on the air today sounded so wonderful and fun!! I've been married 30 years and can't remember the last time we had fun. I liked your idea for couples to act like they're dating (so they stop taking each other for granted) because we had fun when we met. I don't want to live in this kind of emotional state any longer. Why must things be so darn serious?! I'm going to take your advice and try to regain some of the spontaneity we had in our youth!"




As a bonus, you will receive one of Carolyn's weekly
"52 Relationship Tips"


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